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Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

Create immersive digital experiences
in 3D, AR and VR.

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Why rooom?

rooom empowers companies to take their daily work with digital and immersive content to a new level. The all-in-one platform for creating, managing and sharing impressive 3D, AR and VR experiences unlocks completely new possibilities for many different areas. These include marketing, sales, education, collaboration, events and entertainment. We specialize in enterprise metaverse solutions, digital showrooms, 3D product presentations and virtual events.

Improve your ROI

High-converting digital experiences in a flexible SaaS model help you to increase sales and save costs

No-code 3D platform

Create and manage content in-house leveraging templates and a Content Management System (CMS)


Without download

Runs web-based across all devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones and VR/AR headsets

Sustainable & efficient

Low-resource technology with minimal server loads and optimized computing power

What is rooom?

Success stories

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Virtual Showrooms

PUKY was able to significantly expand their market reach and reduce their return rate. The retailer of high-quality children's vehicles built a virtual showroom where customers can discover and customize bikes and scooters as 3D models. Using AR technology, customers can use their smartphone to project 3D models directly into their living room to see if the size fits next to their children.

E-commerce solutions

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Smart Learning Experiences

Vodafone expanded their training spectrum and boosted learning motivation for their teams using interactive 3D spaces for internal coachings and collaborations. Smart learning formats encourage active participation and ensure efficient knowledge transfer among employees.

Smart learning solutions

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Interactive Platform

BD, one of the largest medical technology companies in the world, delivers customer-centric content to explore without requiring special hardware or software. They built a multifaceted environment with AR features, 3D digital twins, smart learning, an interactive media library, 360° virtual tours and much more.

Solutions for life sciences

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Virtual Events

Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of T-Mobile, used rooom to create an immersive conference experience for their state-of-the-art digital conference, Telekom Tech Grounds with significantly increased coverage. More than 5,000 visitors explored the 3D experience and enjoyed engaging features, such as interactive breakout lounges, networking, live avatars and image walls. 

Virtual event solutions

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More Security with NFTs

NFTs serve as proof of authenticity and can be bundled with physical artworks for sale. As part of a series of virtual art exhibitions, Artist Pedro Martin Rojo utilized Collectible-NFTs to generate a new source of revenue, providing unique accessibility through Digital Twins.

Tokenized web3 solutions

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Community Building

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and AIM-HI Accelerator Fund built an oncology metaverse to serve as a community for cancer researchers and cancer patients. NFCR's vision is a persistent digital ecosystem that supports high-quality regular events and is accessible between events to foster communication and community — building the NFCR metaverse to make a difference in modern cancer therapy.

Metaverse platform

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Our virtual experience solutions

Rooom's platform takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery through the possibilities of 3D technology. With rooom, you can create and share digital experiences that are web-based and available on any device. Increase engagement by showcasing your business and products with interactive 3D visualizations that will set you apart!

bike showroom rooomSpaces

Set up your own virtual 3D spaces to showcase products, brands & services and build your own metaverse.

rooomProducts Augmented Reality

Create 3D digital twins of your products and integrate them into your 3D space, website or e-commerce store.

rooomEvents eventspace

Host highly interactive virtual and hybrid events with rich networking and engagement opportunities.

Digital solutions for every industry


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Digital twins, product showcases & more

Enhance your digital presence by creating 3D models of your products for viewing online 24/7. Embed 3D models into your website or design a virtual showroom. 


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Retail &

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3D Commerce & virtual shopping

Create captivating shopping experiences and strengthen your brand by building your own space in the metaverse. Benefit from easy 3D model creation and engaging features as well as seamless embedding in your webshop.


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Media & Communications

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Branded Metaverses, Events, Smart Learning, Networking

Stay ahead of the curve. Create branded 3D experiences in the metaverse where you can host state-of-the-art digital and hybrid events and strengthen customer and partner relations. 


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Virtual Events

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Trade shows, conferences & concerts

Increase user engagement with your virtual or hybrid event. rooom's powerful virtual event platform facilitates comprehensive event management, including registration, sponsorship, content, networking, virtual spaces, success analysis and much more.


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MedTech & Life Sciences

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Virtual labs, 3D content & more

Create engaging 3D learning environments where your audience can become product experts, master training courses, access research materials and more. Easily manage content in real-time and view user tracking. 


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Culture & Tourism

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3D & AR for cultural tourism

Transform destinations, museums and festivals into 3D and Augmented Reality, easily and at low cost. Promote local and regional tourism and revitalize the cultural sector through digital culture experiences. 


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Education & Smart learning

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Smart learning experiences

Set up mesmerizing learning environments and employ engaging features to encourage sustainable knowledge transfer. Boost motivation and concentration by using game-based learning and avatars.


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Fashion &

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Fashionize the metaverse

The metaverse is more than a concept store - improve retail engagement by creating immersive and interactive experiences for your brand.


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New Recruiting, Re- & Upskilling

Digitizing recruiting, onboarding and upskilling processes can help you to create a more efficient, accessible, and engaging experience for candidates and employees, leading to better outcomes for your organization.


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