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AR marketing for ambitious companies

Augmented reality software for marketing is an amazing opportunity for enterprises. There are countless possibilities to rethink marketing, to enrich sales conversations, to present products or increase conversions. rooom's Metaverse marketing software provides a AR toolset to create innovative marketing and sales materials.


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Why augmented reality software by rooom?

We offer an all-in-one platform for creating, managing and sharing immersive 3D, AR and VR experiences. We specialize in metaverse solutions for enterprises, virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations and virtual events. Part of this is our augmented reality software for marketing. Use it to create completely new experiences for marketing and sales in the Metaverse.

Advantages of an AR Marketing Software



Create amazing AR user experiences and make them come back for more.


Keep your content fresh thanks to easy maintenance in a web-based CMS.


Demonstrate to your customers how your products and solutions work.


Learn more about your customers thanks to comprehensive user tracking.

Use AR software from rooom to illustrate products, additional content and information in brochures, at trade fair booths or onmerchandise items. Offer your customers an active added value and a memorable experience

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Augmented reality marketing cases

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Deliver engaging, personalized content

Use rooom to create your own virtual space in the metaverse. Promote and market your solutions in live and remote demonstrations. Build up an multi-purpose exerpience platform to tell comprehensive stories, to showcase workflows, to present AR products and much more. 

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AR Portals - Interfaces between virtual and physical world

Create wow effects with metaverse portals. These are small archways that you set up in stores or at fairs. Visitors scan them with their smartphone and enter your metaverse space through the gate. The technology is brand new on the market and creates a real glow in the eyes! 


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Shopping in the metaverse

The Metaverse is ideal to showcase your product portfolio. User can discover your products anywhere anytime with the device of their choice. By adding AR features they can even project your products in their living roooms. rooomProducts make the setup of 3D prodcuts incredibly easy. You just have to upload fotos and the software generates the 3D model which you can embedd in your website oder showroom.

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NFTs and Art in metaverse marketing

Our AR software is also ideally suited for marketing in the cultural industry. Invite audiences to digital and hybrid exhibitions, showcase NFTs and host proactive discussions.


Products and features of our AR Marketing Software

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rooomSpaces: virtual showrooms & environments

Showcase your brand and products in a realistic virtual enviroment using rooomSpaces. Set up virtual exhibition booths, visualize workflows, create with our AR software digital training environments, showrooms and much more.


  • Custom avatars
  • Voice chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Guided tours

rooomProducts: AR & 3D product visualization

Digitize your products by using 3D data, product photos or 3D scan with rooomProducts. Leverage interactive 3D objects with to tell the story of your product. Our 3D Digital Twins can be easily integrated into any website or e-commerce store. Use the AR function to transfer virtual products into real space.


  • Detail views
  • Animations
  • Info tags
  • Augmented Reality
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rooomImmersions: Bring your content to life with AR software from rooom

Project your digital products into a real environment. Explore products and information in AR with just one click on the mobile device right in front of your eyes - from anywhere and at any time. Products, exhibits, information and much more can be experienced on a whole new level.


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Address new target groups
  • Integration of interactive 3D content into print products
  • Create AR markers yourself and create augmented reality 

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FAQ: Augmented Reality Software

How much does Augmented Reality Software cost?

With rooomBooks, the use of Augmented Reality software is possible from 15 €. For this price you add content such as a 3D model, photo or video to any print product via CMS, which can then be viewed in Augmented Reality using a mobile device.

How to create Augmented Reality?

Using the rooom platform, any subscriber can use a video or image to create an AR projection in just a few steps. In addition, any rooom product viewer also has the option to display the 3D model in AR.

How can Augmented Reality be explained simply?

Augmented Reality makes it possible to overlay the real image in front of the camera of a mobile device with a virtual content. On the smartphone screen it then looks as if, for example, a lion is standing in the middle of the living room.

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