Augmented reality software for tourism

Use 3D, VR & AR Technology to attract and win new target groups.

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AR software for tourism & culture

Take cultural and tourism experiences to a new level using augmented reality software. Use 3D content in VR & AR, create your own AR tourism apps on rooomGuide and invite your prospects on exciting 360° tours with AR elements. This way you can raise your existing exhibitions and tourist attractions to a whole new level and appeal to younger target groups.

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Why AR software by rooom?

With our augmented reality software for tourism you can easily create, manage and share stunning 3D, AR and VR experiences. All interested people can access your content simply via app or browser, without any special technology. Create AR content yourself this way for exhibitions, trails, artworks and landmarks. Let statues speak, use maps in AR and fill even existing attractions with new life. You can make adjustments yourself at any time.

Augmented reality solutions for tourism & culture


Tourism 3D Apps

Simply create tourism tours yourself and flexibly adapt the stations at any time with the rooom CMS.

  • Digitally enhance real experiences
  • Convey knowledge vividly in AR
  • Set Augmented Reality markers yourself
  • Use audio guide, sounds, AR animations & 360° panoramas
  • Tourism app​​​​​​​ publication on rooomGuide

Cultur Archiving

Make objects accessible in 3D and AR to capture temporary exhibitions and cultural treasures for posterity.

  • 360 tours of temporary exhibitions
  • 3D data for 3D prints of your rare objects
  • Make collections in the museum basement accessible

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Successful rooomGuide Tours that inspire

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Dinosaur trail for family outings

Our award-winning tourism project - the dinosaur trail. The whole family can revive the Triassic era including its dinosaurs with the help of various analog and digital stations.

  • 3D and AR animated dinosaurs
  • Exciting Audio Guide
  • 360° Ice Age Panorama

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German history & nature trip

We are bringing the Green Belt to life together with the Thuringia Foundation for Nature Conservation. Thanks to the interactive multi app, visitors can immerse themselves in the exhibition and explore the transformation of the former inner-German border.

  • animals and historical buildings as 3D & AR models
  • real-life exhibition as an online 360 degree tour
  • 3D Experiences in real exhibition

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Bringing historic persons back to life

An interactive journey through the history of SCHOTT in the SCHOTT Villa invites visitors into a three-dimensional world full of surprises.

  • Otto Schott himself as an Augmented Reality tour guide
  • 360 degree historic scene panorama
  • Virtual extension of the exhibition area

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Middle Ages Peek

Providing information about the Trifels region and life in the Middle Ages in an entertaining way with the SÜW Erlebnis App. A project aimed to families.

  • fairy tale narrator Audio guide
  • Animated AR characters
  • historical city 360 degree panorama
  • Quiz with AR knight as reward
  • AR map with GPS

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Virtual castle tour

At Osterburg, 3D content now offers a new reason to visit the castle and learn about history.

  • AR Mascot
  • appointment free tours thanks to AR guide with audio
  • virtual prize from Quiz

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Multi-App for Nature Experience

Provid educational information in a family friendly manner with the Multi-App Natura Jenensis that unites analog and virtual nature experiences.

  • four experience paths with theMulti-App
  • Over 80 analog and virtual stations
  • 360° Panoramas

New dimensions for tourism, culture & history

Bring lifeless things to life with augmented reality software for tourism

  • Historical, lost things or buildings become tangible
  • Extinct species can be resurrected in AR
  • information boards become a 3D experience
  • closely guarded pieces can be viewed from all sides
  • Works of art can be hung on the wall at home
  • Flyers and brochures come to life

Create state-of-the art online adventure or provide and preserve knowledge around the clock with virtual Tours, Showrooms and 3D Archiving. Extend the limits of real exhibition space immeasurably and make objects available for free viewing in 3D and augmented reality.

  • Increase your reach significantly
  • Tracking, reporting & success analysis
  • Art Objects from all sides in AR
  • use of NFT technology

Discover how you can present your business in the Metaverse with rooomSpaces.

Create 3D & AR Content yourself

To create your own AR content, you need one thing above all: a 3D object. With the help of rooomScan there are various options for creating 3D scans: a scan app, uploading product photos, or even using various hardware solutions. Anyone can easily become a 3D designer themselves.

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