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Project objects from the monitor into the real environment with just one click: Discover the possibilities of our AR technology!

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR, also extended reality or mixed reality) allows real and virtual worlds to merge. In this process, virtual content on the smartphone or tablet seamlessly connects with the real environment. Reality is thus enhanced by digital elements. Objects from your online shop can be projected into the real environment with a single click and appear to be standing in front of you in their original size.

Mixed Reality with and without marker

The Augmented Reality apps from rooom allow you to place objects directly from an online shop or website into your real environment yourself with just one click. This way, the virtual object seems to be right in front of you in its original size - without the prior installation of an app and without special technology. This is also referred to as markerless AR.


Analogue content, such as books or newspapers, can also be brought to life virtually with the help of our marker-based AR software. A trigger, the so-called marker, such as a catalog image, a poster or a business card, is scanned with the camera of the smartphone or tablet. With the help of a corresponding AR app, the respective image or object is transformed into a lifelike 3D model. Videos, animations or image galleries can also be called up in this way.

Application areas of AR

Exciting AR contentcan be used to arouse the interest of potential customers. In this way, immersive technology can be used to tap into new target groups.

Online shops

Present products realistically and in original size.

Tourism and culture

Make exhibits digitally accessible and virtually enhancing analog content.

Industry 4.0

Visualize construction plans and assembly instructions and enrich them with additional content.

Hybrid fairs

Optimal product presentation at digital events and on site.

Architecture & real estate

Convince interested parties with vivid 3D presentation.

Journalism and publishing

Making print media fit for the future and equipping them with 3D content

Entertainment and Gaming

Experience three-dimensional game elements interactively.

Digitale Learning

Virtual education and training.

Our AR applications

As an Augmented Reality provider we offer you not only classic 3D models but also Mixed Reality functions that you can use for your marketing. Have your product projected from the online shop into reality with just one click or integrate 3D content into books, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, business cards and much more using AR. Augmented Reality - with and without markers - we primarily use in our 3D Product Viewer, the 3D Configurator and also on our AR platform rooomBOOKS.

Try it out by experiencing the bike in augmented reality: Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or follow the link!

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