10 good reasons for Social VR with rooom.com


Even there are news and blog articles everywhere on the net that advise you to withdraw from social media platforms. All these warnings do not apply to rooom.com. Why not? We have summarized this in a classic 10-point list for you.

  1. No download, no special technology
  2. Rooom.com offers you the big advantage over many other social VR platforms that you can get started right away. You don't have to download anything, you don't have to check any system requirements and you don't have to look at a lengthy manual. Just log in and get started - directly via your browser.

  3. Playful exchange with friends
  4. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are based on chronicles and posts. The posting of contents, texts or pictures is a dry matter. Moreover, everything disappears very quickly again in the sinking. Creating your rooms on rooom.com is already a lot of fun. Choose from ready-made elements, colors and patterns or create your own individual environment. Hang photos on the wall, fill your shelves with books, movies, & CDs, and review your empire from all angles.

  5. No personalized advertising
  6. Creating a platform that takes the privacy of users seriously and does not misuse their data for advertising purposes was one of the basic ideas of rooom inventor Hans Elstner. The plan worked. The Social VR platform has found other ways to attract paying business customers. So you can be sure that you won't find any ads on rooom.com that have been tailored to your needs. You won't be asked to buy the vacuum cleaner you ordered last week or any other color, nor will you receive ads from the site you visited five minutes earlier.

  7. Simple security settings
  8. Other than on other social media portals, rooom.com gives you full control over who can see your content and who can't. You can easily specify for each of your rooms whether it is public, private or only visible to friends or family. So you don't have to think about whether you can post each picture or not. It is definitely only seen by the friends who are allowed to see it.

  9. Free use including app
  10. The registration and use of rooom is completely free for private persons. Three rooms and a large selection of furniture are at your free disposal. Additionally you can download the app so that you can visit your virtual rooms on the way at any time.

  11. Easy to use
  12. The use of rooom is pleasantly simple. All you have to do is register and you can start building your 3D world right away. Self-explanatory icons help you to quickly find what you are looking for.

  13. Boundless possibilities
  14. Through the integration of Amazon products, the possibility to upload pictures and a free choice of wall and furniture colors, rooom.com offers countless possibilities to create rooms. Depending on your taste, you can let off steam creatively or keep it simple.

  15. Many possible applications
  16. A big advantage of our Social Media VR platform is its tremendous versatility. You can let off steam creatively, share pictures with selected friends or in public, make book, CD and game tips, chat, stroll through the rooms and halls of friends and brands, plan the furnishing of a room and soon also use the rooom small ads app. Everything centrally in one place.

  17. Free HD version
  18. In principle, rooom is a browser-based application that will give you as a user a lot of fun even without downloading. However, if you are enthusiastic about high-resolution graphics, the browser-based solution may leave a few wishes unfulfilled. In this case you will soon be able to download rooom FX (link to the other article) for free. This application offers high-resolution graphics and incredibly realistic light and shadow effects.

  19. Free AR-APP
  20. What 3D means should be clear to you. And what is meant by VR or Virtual Reality should also be clear for rooom.com users. (If not, please have a look at our blog article about the difference between 3D, VR & AR. What our modular system also has to offer is an Augmented Reality (AR) application. The app will soon be available for free and will allow you to put items like furniture or decorative items into your 4 walls. Are you thinking about what your new dining table should look like? With rooom AR you can simply try out how different models look like in your home.