rooom AG presents VR exhibition to visitors
3D in the Museum - Long Night of the Museums in Jena
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3D in the Museum - Long Night of the Museums in Jena

rooom AG presents VR exhibition to visitors

"Museum meets Modernity" - At the long night of the museums in the German optical museum in Jena visitors were able to discover not only museum guidance and free eye tests but also a exhibition in Virtual Reality. We had set up our 3D lounge in the blue salon of the only optical museum in Germany and conjured up VR glasses on the noses and smiles in the faces of young and old visitors for seven hours.

Last event before the break in the German Optical Museum

The German Optical Museum will be closed temporarily on July 8 due to reconstruction measures. We at rooom AG are proud that we were able to contribute our part to the last big event before the closure of the Long Night of the Museums. Over 1.200 guests we could kidnap our virtual exhibition in only one evening. Those who didn't take the chance to look through the VR glasses could at least get a first impression of the possibilities of our 3D technologies via screens and smartphones.

3D content for the museum of tomorrow

Increasing numbers of museums in Germany are beginning to use 3D content such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The digital additional content are intended to loosen up exhibitions and attract the younger generation back to the museum. But that's by far not all 3D technologies can do for the classic museum.

make temporary exhibitions a long runner

Alongside the permanent exhibitions, almost all museums also offer switching special exhibitions. These are either loans from other museums, exhibitions that are put together especially for a certain occasion, or simply a series of interesting exhibits from the warehouse for which there is no room in the permanent exhibition. After a certain time, special exhibitions are dismantled and, in the worst case, sink into the oblivion of the camp. Here 3D technology becomes a knight in shining armour, because every temporary exhibition can remain permanently available in the digital world. Thanks to the immersive effect of Virtual Reality, visitors can still watch the dazzling special exhibition as if they were there live three years after the museum's 20th anniversary.

Touching allowed: exhibits in 3D

How did Grandma always say so beautifully: "You look with your eyes, not with your hands". This is still the case in museums today. Everything may be looked at, but touching remains forbidden. Sure, otherwise the exhibits would quickly become unusable. Also here our 3D technology changes the rules of the game. 3D content, both in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality, makes it possible for objects to be viewed freely from all sides, without display case glass between the eye and the object surface. Every visitor can thus view the exhibit that inspires him, as intensively as he wants and as long as he wants. No nose prints on the display case, no traffic jams in front of the exhibit.

Great effects for large correlations

When it comes to getting a comprehensive picture of complex topics such as geological relationships or physical mechanisms, the right information mix is essential. Historical exhibits, display boards, video material and the like help to shed light on topics from different perspectives. However, nothing beats a 360° VR experience to leave a lasting impression.


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