Augmented Reality Zoo now also accommodates a wild boar
Augmented Reality Zoo now also accommodates a wild boar
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Augmented Reality Zoo now also accommodates a wild boar

After lions and dinosaurs, the rooom zoo now also includes a wild boar in Augmented Reality. Last Saturday the dear AR-animal was allowed to participate together with us in the family hiking day at the SCHOTT-Platz in Jena. There, young and old guests could try their luck as trackers and follow in the footsteps of our piglet. From four tracks, it was necessary to identify the one that could be assigned to a boar. Behind the right track hid the marker for the call of the Augmented Reality projection. This small insert is an excellent example of how information can be conveyed through 3D technologies in an entertaining way. And this applies not only to children but also to adults or could you spontaneously distinguish a wild boar track from a fallow deer track?

Reminder photo with AR wild boar

After successful track reading all discoverers were allowed to pose for a Selfie with our wild boar. We then sent the photo to the participants by e-mail as a small souvenir. If that wasn't enough for you, you could sniff some Trias air from Jenzig. One of the Saurians from the SaurierPfad wanted to be present at the event in the Jenaer Stadtfort. So visitors could admire not only our boar but also this dinosaur as augmented reality projection.

The Family Hiking Day in Jena

The Family Hiking Day is organized every year by the Jena Alliance for Families and celebrated its 10th anniversary on the weekend. The basic idea of the event is to lure the people of Jena and the surrounding area into nature. With almost 1000 visitors flocking to Jena's SCHOTT Platz on Saturday for a short hike, the concept is now working very well. In addition to a cheerful get-together and pure nature, there were also many small discovery stations that offered guests of all ages good entertainment with added value. Our wild boar had its fun and is already looking forward to next year.


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