Virtual Showroom

A virtual shopping-room for PUKY: Bicycles and scooters in the digital spotlight

The German bicycle manufacturer PUKY has been producing and marketing great movement toys in cheerful colors for 70 years, with a lot of love and…

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Otto Schott in Augmented Reality

A different kind of museum visit: A virtual journey through the history of SCHOTT

We transformed the exhibition at the SCHOTT Villa in Jena into an interactive journey through the history of SCHOTT by creating an app that invites…

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IFA Xtended Space

The digital part of the World's largest hybrid electronics trade fair

IFA is known as the leading global trade show for the electronics industry. In 2020, there was a digital extension in addition to the on-site trade…

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3D model Eichplatz

Augmented Reality for the Eichplatz Area in Jena

Real estate visualization with 3D & AR technology: With rooom citizens of Jena can experience the future buildings on the Eichplatz already before the…

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Augmented Reality Osterburg

Digitization at the Osterburg in Weida

In November 2019, on the initiative of the "Friends of Osterburg", the Osterburg 2.0 project with digital applications for the Weida landmark was…

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