rooom 3D developer on PC
ChangeBlog #2 - What's new at rooom?
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ChangeBlog #2 - What's new at rooom?

rooom 3D developer on PC

Once again this week, our development team has come up with some new features for our platform to improve usability. In virtual exhibition halls it is now even clearer and 3D products get a new presentation option.

This is new:

General improvements

  • Dashboard with overview of all viewers and spaces of a user after login (in the making)
  • Possibility to protect 3D viewers with password
  • Improved language settings

3D Product Viewer

  • Embedding on websites without frames
  • New editor features and bug fixes
  • Editing only possible with authorization

3D Space Viewer

  • Depth blur option for nicer look
  • Joystick camera for mobile devices
  • Top-down view for bird's eye view

    Even more 3D feel for online stores

    3D Product Viewers can now also be embedded with transparent background - like this great children's bike from PUKY. This underlines the 3D effect once again and visitors to online stores can't help but take a close look at every product 😉

    Changing perspectives in virtual spaces

    For more orientation and overview, there is now a top-down view for the 3D Space Viewer. This provides a central overhead view of rooms and halls. In addition, the camera can now be controlled by joystick for even easier navigation on mobile devices. In all of this, a new setting option provides more depth of field and a realistic 3D feeling in virtual showrooms, exhibition halls, exhibitions, and more.

    Top view of virtual office

    Send exclusive product previews

    Our 3D Space and Product Viewers can be quickly and easily embedded or linked to on any website. The new Password Protection Option offers an additional option: product manufacturers or retailers can now also send exclusive Product Previews or VIP Showrooms, to which only customers with a password have access. A real added value for customer acquisition and existing customer care!

    Password Window

    Automatic user language detection

    Using the language settings of our 3D Viewers, navigation and operating instructions can also be displayed in English. This is especially important for international clients and events. But what if the audience uses different languages? To provide visitors with the best experience, the UI language now automatically adapts to the user's browser language.

    There will be exciting new features in our app soon as well - stay tuned!

    You have suggestions or criticism? Feel free to use our contact form or send us a support request! We welcome ideas for new features and would like to fix bugs of course.


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