Sebastian Gottschlich in rooom office
Changeblog #3 - Mini-Map & Virtual Staging
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Changeblog #3 - Mini-Map & Virtual Staging

Sebastian Gottschlich in rooom office

There is news again from the developer team of our CIO Sebastian. Your hints and wishes come to us and are diligently processed. This week, users of rooom can look forward to, among other things, more overview in our 3D event and exhibition halls.

The updates at a glance:

General improvements

  • Virtual Staging: Integration of 3D objects into our rooom360 tours (in the Making)
  • AR Estimation Tool: Checking if an image is usable as a marker for AR (Augmented Reality)
  • and of course: bug fixes

3D Product Viewer

  • More styling options for annotations on objects and surfaces
  • Animations are played immediately when this is selected in the control box

3D Space Viewer

  • Mini-map to display the current position

    Better orientation in showrooms and halls

    The rooom platform offers you many options to design spaces like showrooms or exhibition halls completely individually. So there are also large rooms where things are really happening. Until now, it was easy to lose track of the overview. This is now over, because from now on there is, as in many video games, a mini-map. On this you see in a small window in the upper right your position and cone of vision from the bird's eye view. So you know exactly where you are in the hall and in which direction you are looking. A great new feature! To activate it, just append ?ui_minimap=1 to the URL.

    Here you can try the mini-map for yourself!

    Design info texts on objects individually

    Objects that are displayed via our 3D Product Viewer can be provided with small explanatory texts, the annotations. Until now, there was only one text field in the Product Editor, in which you could enter some text. Now there is the possibility to work with headings, line spacing, emojis and links. This way you can structure the content much better, which adds real value.

    Liven up 360 degree tours with virtual staging

    Are you using one of our 360 degree tours? Soon you will be able to use Virtual Staging to place 3D objects free in the tour with one click. This way you can create variety and add content later on. For example, was a certain object not there at the time of the 360° recording? Soon you can simply insert it later. The new function is also very useful for marketing real estate, because with 3D Home Staging unfurnished objects can be easily decorated with virtual interior design. Here's a sneak peek:

    3D Objects in 360 Degree Tour

    Marker or not marker? That's the question here!

    Do you know our AR platform rooomBOOKS? There, authors, publishers and companies can independently enrich their print products with 3D content - even existing or published books, flyers or posters. To do this, a so-called marker must be defined, which is used as a trigger for an augmented reality projection. So, for example, a picture on a book page, a page in a brochure or something similar, over which the camera of smartphone or tablet is then held. To make it even easier to find a good marker, there is now a tool that can be used to test the suitability of an image as an AR marker. Simply upload an image and click on "Calculate". If the value is greater than 75, the image is perfectly suitable.

    You want to try the new tool? Click here for the AR Estimation Tool! 


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