Digital change in Jena - rooom at the Digital Summit 2020

The IT steering group at the kick-off of the digital summit 2020 in a conferenc room

In October 2020, the focus of digital change will be on Thuringia - digital history will be written! Jena is the venue for one of the most important events in the context of digitization in Germany: the Digital Summit 2020, which is the central basis for the interaction between politics, business, science and society. The representatives will develop strategies for the implementation of the digital future. rooom AG is represented by Hans Elstner in the IT steering group. This opens up opportunities to help shape the digital change in Germany. Together with other local digital companies, we participate in the design of the digital network and ecosystem of the City of Light. 

Digital change as an opportunity for the digital location Jena 

Digitisation is our future. It is in constant change and affects interest groups far beyond the digital economy. For Jena as an innovation and digital location, developments and digital change represent an enormous factor for the economy. At the same time, more far-reaching positive changes for society can be achieved if Jena becomes the focus of public attention. With the focus on sustainability and digitalization, the IT steering group has set itself the goal of increasing the level of awareness of Jena with regard to its digital development throughout Germany.

Road to Digital Summit 

The kick-off for the conception of the major event was in December 2019, when the first guidelines were discussed on how the digital change should be received in Jena. At the Digital Summit 2020, the development of long-term concepts is an important aspect. The digital change should live from transparency and be accessible for many people. The IT summit should invite people to participate and impart skills to everyone. To this the members of the steering group will discuss how the different areas of society can be connected. 

The ideas for possible events are manifold in order to involve the population:

  • Workshops also for pupils 
  • digital festivals 
  • Gaming Events 
  • Hackathons
  • Meetups

The IT Steering Group continues to meet 

The next meeting between the leaders of digital change in Jena is already scheduled for mid-January. We are curious to see which projects and measures await our ambitious business and innovation location and will of course keep you fully informed about all events and results of the Digital Summit.