E.ON Energy Innovation Days powered by rooom
E.ON Energy Innovation Days powered by rooom
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E.ON Energy Innovation Days powered by rooom

The global pandemic continues to have a firm grip on the events industry. Many organizers are focusing on virtual events - including E.ON with this year's Energy Innovation Days (EID). The conference took place as a completely digital event on our MICE platform rooomEXPO-X from October 06 to 08, 2020.

Our Review of the Digital Conference

At the E.ON virtual conference, everything revolved around the topics of energy and innovation. What would happen if our energy networks were inspected from space in the future? Or if new technologies soon change the way we use energy? This was the topic of the virtual event. Numerous visitors registered and took part in three days of live streaming and 3D company presentations. Companies and experts from around the world, as well as academics from leading universities and government representatives, came together at the Energy Innovation Days to explore how innovations can drive the energy revolution towards a networked and sustainable world.

The program had a lot to offer: Presentations and panels by more than 50 hand-picked speakers from around the world could be followed live via our platform. Visitors were able to ask the experts questions via live chat. Each of the three event days had its own motto: Electrification, Connectivity and Digitalization.

The networking tools from rooomEXPO-X were also in great demand among the participants. Virtual business cards with a chat function ensured spontaneous conversations and enabled the exchange of ideas with industry leaders from the energy sector and beyond.

But the highlight of the event was clearly our virtual exhibition in 3D. In the lobby you were first greeted by friendly avatars and could get an overview of the event. In the neighbouring exhibition hall, innovative companies, start-ups and projects presented themselves. As an exhibitor we also gave an insight into our portfolio. More than 20 lovingly furnished 3D booths provided a realistic exhibition with fair feeling. The central main stage, which we created in 3D exclusively for the Energy Innovation Days, led directly to the live stream.

You want to get an impression of the event? At you can still register free of charge and view the exhibition and the program. 

We have summarized all highlights of the event in our trailer:

With the virtual event platform we were able to create a place for stimulating talks and discussions about the future of the energy sector. Since innovation is also an exciting topic for us, the Energy Innovation Days project was particularly special to us. We are pleased about the great cooperation with E.ON and are proud of the result of our collaboration!


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