Fast 3D Product Viewer for Shops & Websites
Fast 3D Product Viewer for Shops & Websites
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Fast 3D Product Viewer for Shops & Websites

The rooom 3D Product Viewer offers online shops a completely new way of product presentation. Here you can find out what special features our solution offers.

Today we would like to tell you more about our 3D Product Viewer. What is it and for whom is it interesting?

In Germany, the majority of people like to shop online. According to a DPD study carried out in August 2018, an average of 11.5% of all shoppers in Europe shop online . With 13.4 %, Germany occupies the top position in this area* in a European comparison. Thanks to this preference for Onlineshopping, more and more shops in Germany are shooting out of the e-commerce floor and are in fierce competition with each other. With our Product Viewer, we enable shop operators to stand out positively from the vast number of shops. At the same time, websites of providers with a few special products can also use the Viewer.

What is special about the rooom 3D Product Viewer?

The ingenious thing about our viewer solution for e-commerce shops and corporate websites is its great versatility combined with minimum loading time. The viewer allows the display of a normal product list, as you know it from almost any shop. At first glance, this view does not differ from the classic product selection, which has been common for many years. However, if you are interested in a certain model among a larger selection of chairs and move your mouse over it, the first difference becomes visible: The chair begins to rotate and is now visible from all sides. The special thing is that this first 360° view of a product only requires an absolute minimum of loading time. This is good for the performance of the shop page and for your user experience as a shop visitor as well.

View products interactively in 3D

Our 3D Product Viewer now goes one step further: If your interest in a product is so great that you look very closely, you will discover a 3D button in the image corner. Just like above with our retro oven. If you click on the button, a powerful, interactive 3D view opens, in which you can view the stove from any perspective. Zooming in and out is also possible. So you can get an incredibly realistic picture of the offered products in online shops or on company websites - before you order them. This helps to positively influence the purchase decision on the one hand and reduces the return rate on the other hand. And the best thing is that this increase in user-friendliness is possible without restrictions in the page performance. Shops that use our viewer therefore have a clear advantage over their competitors.

The advantages of the 3D viewer for online shop & website

  • Normal list view possible
  • Horizontal rotation without increasing the charging time
  • Possible Search engine friendly websites and shop pages
  • Integrateable into shop and web pages
  • Integratable into rooom Social Media Portal

What do you think? Does our viewer improve the online shopping experience? We are looking forward to your Feedback!

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