rooom AG receives German Innovation Award
German Innovation Award 2019 for rooom AG
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German Innovation Award 2019 for rooom AG

 rooom AG receives German Innovation Award

Great news: We have won the German Innovation Award in the category Business to Business for the overall concept of rooom. With this award, the German Design Council honours products and solutions that are cross-industry, exemplary in terms of user-friendliness, and offer significant added value over previous solutions.

Who will receive the Innovation Award?

The experts on the German Innovation Award jury place the user at the centre of their considerations. Does the nominated product contribute to a better future? Does it help in everyday life in private life or in a specific industry? Does it offer something that was not there before? All these questions could be answered clearly with yes for the overall concept of rooom. This puts us in a league with innovative products from K├Ąrcher and SCHOTT that won awards last year.

What makes rooom so special?

Previously, the creation of content in 3D, Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) was in the hands of specialized agencies. At rooom, we offer a DIY online platform with a high degree of user-friendliness that enables everyone to create three-dimensional content themselves or at least to some extent themselves. Authors, for example, can easily and cost-effectively fill books with content in AR, manufacturing companies can present their products as 3D objects on their website or in an online shop and official institutions can exhibit their premises as online VR rooms. Another of the countless possible applications is represented by the SaurierPfad in Jena, where families can acquire geological knowledge in an entertaining and memorable way through 3D content.

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