Good prospects for rooom: The latest update
Good prospects for rooom: The latest update
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Good prospects for rooom: The latest update

Today already visited If so, you might have noticed that there are a lot of new things to discover again. With the current update we have again made new furniture and new carpets & wallpapers for you. In addition, this time there are also big improvements in the user experience waiting for you - both in your private rooms and in freely accessible business rooms.

Overview of the new features:

  • New furniture in inventory
  • Three-dimensional view from the window
  • stairs and levels in business rooms
  • Substantially improved shadowing
  • Furniture from very popular Open World game
  • Not more real 3D experience

3D panoramas from normal images

The virtual view from your window was a bit flat until now? We have now changed that. We now automatically convert your previous two-dimensional view into a 3D panorama. If you change your viewing angle, the visible image area also changes. This makes it even more fun to virtually walk through your rooms. And the best thing about this ingenious feature is that you can continue to use normal pictures for it. So take a look out of your window right now!

3D building blocks from a well-known Open World game

Your virtual living room is full of great furniture, the picture frames are filled and the view fits? The best opportunity to create a slightly different room. We have added a new category to our furniture catalogue: block world. The block furniture in this section is based on the building blocks from a very well-known Open World game. You have no idea what we mean? Then have a look and let your creativity run free! grows into the second level

In business rooms there is now the possibility to install a second level including stairs. If you haven't seen a business showroom from the inside before, this is the perfect reason to drop by. Using the normal controls, you can climb up the stairs and enjoy a great view over the lower level. New business rooms can always be found on your dashboard. Some of the features from this area will be available for private users in the near future.

3D experience becomes even more real

Just like in real life, it's the little things that put the finishing touches to moments. That's why we've added some great new features that only stand out at second glance, but have a big impact on your experience on On the one hand, we've greatly improved the shadows cast by objects, and on the other hand, the behavior of objects is much more realistic now. What does that mean? Very simple: Things can now fall down and no longer float in space.

Have fun discovering,
Hans Elstner, CEO


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