testing the Virtual Reality Lounge
High-ranking visitor from the EU Parliament and the Bundestag
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High-ranking visitor from the EU Parliament and the Bundestag

testing the Virtual Reality Lounge

After the innovative idea of rooom became known, we were chosen to introduce ourselves and our business idea to a selection of members of the EU Parliament and the German Bundestag. After a lot of preparation and excitement in our room, we demonstrated which innovations can be found in the up-and-coming Thuringian city of Jena. However, the presentation by our CEO Hans Elstner and our CTO Hendrik Lober did not only trigger enthusiasm for rooom.

Jena as a digital location

Hans Elstner was also keen to emphasize the advantages of the city of Jena. With the Digital Summit, which is taking place here this year, the Thuringian city is moving very far into the focus of the digital world. That's why we, as Jena companies, also want to strengthen the digital location and see ourselves as brand ambassadors for the great developments in the IT industry. seobi

Smart Work in the rooom Office 

After a short introduction to the idea behind rooom and our 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality complete solution we had a Get Together in our nice rooms. The representatives from politics as well as invited guests from the business community around Jena had the opportunity to try out our Virtual Reality Lounge. Everyone was visibly impressed by the design. The reception lounge, where many inspiring conversations were held, was also very attractive to all those present. It remains to be seen what changes have taken place here. Soon you will be able to get an exact picture. 

The small snack, the guided tour and the presentation in our rooms was a good opportunity for networking between business and politics. We would like to thank all our guests for this great opportunity. 


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