A 3D developer edits the AR Santa Claus on his Computer
Holidays AR - Your new App for Augmented Reality
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Holidays AR - Your new App for Augmented Reality

A 3D developer edits the AR Santa Claus on his Computer

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) offer countless possibilities in various business areas. Rooom wants to offer all users a wide range of functions to augment reality - of course also fun. With the Holidays AR App we have now extended our repertoire with some more AR figures. Maybe you already know our house skeleton, which danced through our corridors in autumn. Now there is Santa Claus and Co. for your next Social-Media Post. 

The creation of an Augmented Reality Santa Claus

During the app content creation process, our 3D developer Hendrik allows you to look over his shoulder. He explains how the AR Santa Claus is created for our Holidays AR app. This way you can easily augment the reality of your photos.

Everything starts on the computer screen of our developers in an empty 3D environment - a virtual one. To create something, different points are set - the vertices. Always three of these vertices are connected and form a kind of grid of wires, which creates the shape of our Santa Claus. This has to be textured. That means colours, gloss, structure and reflection properties are described on this grid. A surface is created - the cap turns red, the beard white and the coat collar should look fluffy. Finally, the light that is to fall on the 3D model is also calculated. This calculation is also carried out and saved. Everything together is uploaded into the room. The AR Santa Claus can now stand together with some more friends. 

How does Santa Claus get to you?

But the AR figure is still standing in the empty 3D environment. But with our Holidays AR App it also comes to you very easily. Our developer team will upload new content for you not only at Christmas. Just search the App Store or the Play Store for our app and bring the AR Santa Claus to your home.


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