internal streaming room of rooomAG
Open the stage for our new "streaming rooom"
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Open the stage for our new "streaming rooom"

internal streaming room of rooomAG

Our green screen, in front of which we will record live broadcasts, video streamings and online pitches in best picture and sound quality in the future, shines in bright green to make digital interaction even more professional.

Lively and audience-oriented presentation

Our professional pitches and livestreams have more than proven themselves in the last years. The effects of the Corona crisis challenged us to think outside the box and establish an effective online presence. At this year's digital Investor Days Thuringia, for example, our speakers were not simply seen by webcam against a white background, but delighted the audience with virtual special effects.

Because we think it doesn't only matter WHAT you say, but also HOW you embody and convey it. The visual aspect of a lecture or pitch should not be underestimated, because after all, you prefer to listen to a person when he or she presents the "message" in a present and lively way and addresses the audience directly. The sound quality is just as important, because noise and other disturbing noises are not a pleasure for any listener. This is of course all easier said than done!

From the white wall to the short-term emergency solution and finally to the final "streaming room

We also started small. Our first pitch experiences on stage taught us what really matters when you have to talk turkey within minutes in order to inspire and win over the audience. When, because of Covid-19, all events and contacts had to be digitalized, a new challenge arose for everyone: wrestling, and that without being on location. This works with PowerPoint and webcam, but even better with full studio equipment.

In the beginning we didn't go beyond the plain white background and conventional video calls. Over time, however, we developed the ambition to shine as a digital company with our online interaction. And so the conference room was immediately converted into a film studio. That this could only be a temporary emergency solution became clear after several set up and dismantling actions due to company meetings that took up the space. So a permanent solution was needed: one room, green wall paint and high-quality sound technology. No sooner said than done!
A room for more interaction, further education and lots of creativity

Our own film studio sets no limits to our possibilities for live broadcasts, video streaming, web- and videocasts. In the near future we will produce online learning tutorials and training courses for our users here, in order to bring our 3D solutions even more tangible to the public. Live transmissions of pitches, spontaneous videocalls and the online transmission of our staff meetings for home officers will no longer be a problem from now on.

Let's see what else we will come up with in the future! :-)

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