rooom AG from Jena wins at Investforum Pitch-Day X

On 13.09.2018 we faced 70 investors at the Investforum Pitch-Day X in Magdeburg and were allowed to present our 3D modular system. Beside us there were 30 other startups. Our CEO Hans Elstner and our leading 3D developer Hendrik Lober won with their impressive pitch and took home the prize money of 2000 Euro.

Five minutes, 31 start-ups, 70 investors

A pitch is about convincingly communicating a business idea within a few minutes. Pitch Day X gave us five minutes to get investors excited about us. The basic idea of the event is to bring investors and young companies together. In the best case, some receive financial start-up support and others can make a promising investment.

Second victory for rooom AG

The victory at the Investforum Pitch-Day X is already the second victory that we were able to achieve within a very short time. Already in June we had the investors on our side at the Investor Days Thuringia. In addition to the Investor Award, we also won the Audience Award.