rooom as Digital Transformation Company of the Year
rooom as Digital Transformation Company of the Year
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rooom as Digital Transformation Company of the Year

From the beginning our goal was to make 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality easily accessible for everyone. With this project we have become an integral part of the digitalization in Germany. This cheeky self-assessment on our part was impressively confirmed by the Innovation and Excellence Award at the beginning of the year: Completely unexpectedly, we were named "Digital Transformation Company of the Year". Yesterday, the award and certificate finally arrived and we were happy together in the video chat.

rooom: the perfect solution for digital transformation

Andrew Walsh, a member of the jury, summarizes the value of our solutions in the following words: "rooom AG offers the perfect 3D, AR and VR platform for online retailers, product manufacturers, real estate, tourism, museums, cultural institutions, and many other industries. Their easy-to-use solutions not only boost the professional image of their clients, but put them far ahead of their competition, both generally and in the world of SEO." This makes us very proud and shows us that the path we have chosen is the right one. Especially in this extraordinary year, in which our innovative strength is particularly challenged, this comes in very handy.

Digital transformation in times of pandemic

The current restrictions to contain the corona pandemic show just how important the digital transformation is in various areas. Many industries are now realising that they can no longer rely solely on offline communication and traditional sales and marketing channels. This opens doors for us that were previously difficult to open, because we no longer have to explain why digital solutions are so great. Now we can support companies even better in finding their way into the third dimension. Our biggest project at the moment is the transformation of conventional trade fairs into "hybrid trade fairs" or completely virtual trade fairs. Previous solutions in this area were only partially equipped with 3D, AR and VR features. We will put an end to this with the start of our EXPO-X in June. This is the name of our online trade fair, which is open to exhibitors from all industries. In addition, we also offer trade fair organisers the opportunity to book their own trade fairs with us. We are looking forward to seeing who you will soon be able to meet virtually on our exhibition grounds.

Just as much in demand as virtual trade fairs are our 3D models, which I am sure each of you has already placed in your living room via augmented reality. More and more online shops and manufacturers are now realizing how unique our solution is in the e-commerce sector. The detailed three-dimensional representation of technical devices also makes it easier to train new employees from a distance. They can use the 3D model to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of their new work equipment even before they are on site or at the machine. This can simplify processes within companies and save valuable time

And then there is the matter of rooom360. Already visited one of our virtual exhibitions today?

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