Rooom FX - for high-resolution VR environments

VR environment with car
  • Blog stands out from other VR platforms because you can easily use it in your browser without any special technology. Soon there will also be a HD version.... stands out from other VR platforms because you can easily use it in your browser without special technology. Even with an older PC and without VR glasses you can build your own 3D world and explore it virtually like a video game. Thus is very suitable for everyday use and can be used by you anytime and anywhere.

The possibilities of VR in the browser

With all the practical advantages that the browser-based use of has to offer, there is also a small disadvantage: performance and image quality are limited. If you open your profile in the browser, the system has to work with what is there. This means, for example, that the quality of the shadows cannot normally reflect what is possible in principle. This is not a big problem for everyday use. But if you use on your home PC, it would be nice if you could use the power of your computer for an impressive VR experience, wouldn't it? That's what we thought, that's why there will soon be a free and also free HD version available for download next to the browser version: rooom FX.

Light & shadow as in reality

In you can enjoy real-time reflections on the objects and realistic shadows that create an ingenious 3D effect. Here you can also use your Occulus Rift and its controllers to move through your rooms in Virtual Reality (VR). FX automatically synchronizes with your user account in the browser. Changes you make in one environment will be automatically applied to the other. For example, you can check out what's new on your dashboard on the go and explore the rooms of your friends comfortably on your home computer in high-resolution VR. The application will soon be available on platforms like Steam, Playstation or AppleTV. Be curious!

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