Usage of Vuzix AR glasses in the industry
rooom goes Digital Learning: Training with AR Glasses
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rooom goes Digital Learning: Training with AR Glasses

Usage of Vuzix AR glasses in the industry
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Augmented Reality extends the physical environment with digital content. In addition to smartphones and tablets, this is also possible with smart glasses - such as those from the U.S. provider Vuzix. We tell you what we're planning to do together with the world market leader for smart glasses when it comes to digital learning.

Image: Vuzix Corporation

With virtual events, 360° tours, VR showrooms, 3D Product Viewers and more, the portfolio we currently offer our customers is already very broad. Now we are also actively working on solutions for digital learning. The high vividness of 3D and AR content offers enormous potential for teaching knowledge in a dynamic way. For this purpose, we are on the one hand part of a research project on the topic and on the other hand we cooperate with the world market leader for smart glasses - Vuzix. Thanks to this new partnership, we now have the opportunity to complement our software with excellent hardware.

What does Digital Learning mean?

Digital learning includes any form of knowledge transfer that does not require face-to-face instruction. Even watching an information video on YouTube is therefore part of digital knowledge transfer. Typical formats would be webinars or learning apps, for example. To make learning effective, the interactivity factor is very important. Simply watching a video and checking your e-mails are not enough to transfer high-quality knowledge. If you consciously engage with new content, you can internalize it much better. That's why we want to explore how we can use our digital spaces, 3D visualization and, above all, AR content for clever and interactive digital learning solutions.

Smart Glasses for a more productive learning & working experience

Smart glasses (or AR glasses) are already essential in the healthcare sector, logistics and industry. They make it possible to view equipment and products in Augmented Reality (AR) as a digital twin of the original - without physically having them in front of you. With the help of this technology, trainees, career changers and employees can be supported with instructions and information during onboarding and in the daily workflow. This means that as soon as they put on the glasses, a virtual guide opens up in their field of vision with clear instructions and notes, illustrations, videos and much more. Insights into the inner workings of machines or devices are also possible in this way, without assembly work or production stops. In this way, knowledge transfer can be made more autonomous, safe and efficient. In combination with our platform, AR glasses could become an important tool for companies for training and education. Our software makes it easy to input and visualize content and processes. The smart glasses make it easier to use this content interactively - regardless of time and place. This means that trainees will soon no longer have to stand in the noisy factory hall to learn about machines, but can simply look at their new tools in the comfort of their classroom or at home - a significant step towards New Work and the digitization of teaching. A positive side effect: no machine has to stop for the demonstrations. 

Use Cases of AR Glasses in Digital Learning:

  • Visualization of machines and machine parts
  • Location and time-independent learning
  • Illustration of typical workflows and potential problems in AR
  • Archiving of technical knowledge

Using the AR glasses with rooom

Our platform offers various possibilities for the AR glasses of the US manufacturer Vuzix. For example, the glasses can be used in the development of virtual learning spaces for trade and industry. We are currently working on an addition to our platform that will enable experienced specialists to pass on their expertise to the next generation. This  will be available to everyone, anytime and anywhere. With the "API-KMU" research project, we are not only very close to the manufacturers of smart glasses, but also to the users of the technology - small and medium-sized enterprises. This ensures that the solutions are developed with a practical focus. Interested companies that implement the application then use the corresponding AR glasses from Vuzix, with the help of which young people can digitally learn about machines, components and workpieces. This project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund.

Another use case is our 3D Product Viewer, which visualizes products in AR from all angles. In the future, this could be used for the conceptual design and planning of prototypes and products. Product manufacturers could then first view, plan and configure new developments via Augmented Reality glasses. This reduces development times and helps to save resources.

In the future, we also plan to connect our app with that of Vuzix to create even more reach. We are very excited about the results of our cooperation and of course we will keep you up to date!


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