rooom goes OpenBeta
rooom goes OpenBeta
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rooom goes OpenBeta

It's time! The starting shot for the Open Beta of has been fired and you can finally share the platform with all your friends. Your suggestions and wishes have helped us to make a unique 3D and VR platform. Especially when it comes to privacy and mobile use, we really put our heart and soul into it for you before the start of the Open Beta. Thanks for your support!

Don't miss it anymore: the rooom Dashboard

Now that has more and more users, there's something more for you to discover every day. That's why we've created a dashboard view with news, articles and recommendations for interesting rooms. If a friend puts a new book on their virtual shelf or a new celebrity makes it comfortable on, you can see it now with a glance at your dashboard.

Otherwise you won't let everyone into your bedroom...

Until now, you could only decide who could enter your rooms and who could not. Now you can assign each of your friends to a circle. For example, differentiate between partners, family members or friends. You can then make your rooms accessible for everyone, only for a certain circle or completely publicly. Now you can take your VR home everywhere with you So that you can also use the various features of on your smartphone or tablet, we have developed three apps for iOS and Android. You can already download the general rooom app in the App Store or on Google Play. You can use it to make your rooms cosy in the caf├ę, on the train or in the outdoor pool. You have a cosy old computer that takes a little longer for everything? No problem! We have polished up the performance of on older PCs and mobile devices. So you can really invite all your friends and relatives to visit you on rooom.

Simply login with Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? From now on you can use it to log in to even more comfortably. Friends you invite can also use the social login for registration.

The new features at a glance:

New functions

  • Android and iOS apps
  • Dashboard view with news, articles and recommendations
  • Improved privacy settings for each of your rooms by assigning friends to specific circles
  • Social Login
  • can be shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • Optimizing the performance of older PCs and mobile devices
  • Contact form on homepage
  • Improved view in the inbox (last message)


  • Many new furniture
  • New decorative wallpapers
  • More choice of floor coverings
  • Carousel view for the material sets of the furniture
  • Cut out existing photos for picture frames now with uncut original pictures
  • Furniture can now be moved, rotated and edited via DeepL access (bottom left)

P.S.: We continue to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement gratefully! Have fun trying out the Rooom, Hans Elstner CEO


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