rooom grows and grows

our new animal employee in the development office at his workplace

Woof, woof and hello! I am the new one in the rooom family and recently "hired" as an office dog. I took my place with my master Lasse, who recently started working here as a web developer for the rooom app. On the very first day I wanted to see what was being done here and made myself comfortable on the office chair in front of the computer. With Lasse and me also many other people from different departments came to it.

The team continues to grow 

The 3D development with Alexander, Manuel and Tim has got big growth. As a 3D developer on the rooom website, Alexander provides new content such as the creation of new furniture in the online modular system. Our software developer Manuel is working for rooom on new functions for business customers in the real estate sector. Unity developer Tim ports the rooom system to devices such as Apple TV, Playstation and gaming platforms.

A lot has also happened in the areas of marketing and graphic design. While Natalie now supports our marketing and public relations work and feeds our social channels with contributions, Svenja, as design assistant at rooom, takes care of the appropriate appearance of the graphics for websites and apps. Our working student Tanja also provides our blog and our social network with new and fresh contributions to innovative projects and appearances at trade fairs and events. I am curious to see which new employees I will meet and we will of course keep you up to date about everything.