Rooom in the fast lane: Insights to the rooom Porsche

To show you what rooom can do, we've shown you our rooom-Porsche several times now. But we never mentioned that this one has a real role model: the Porsche 911 GT3 R. It drives in the Grand Turismo Touring Car Cup (GTC) of the German Motorsport Association e.V. (DMV). (DMV). As the main sponsor of this team, we were allowed to design this beautiful scale ourselves. Now it flies as a real eye-catcher in shining rooom turquoise over the asphalt.

Who drives our rooom race car?

Driver of our Porsche is Benni Hey from Schütz Motorsport, who was always in the fight for the top places last season. At last year's championship, the driver was even able to secure a grandiose third place. In this year's championship Benni Hey took eighth place after starting the race with a double pirouette. We keep our fingers crossed for the next season.