Rooom resurrects the saurians
Rooom resurrects the saurians
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Rooom resurrects the saurians

Tomorrow the SaurierPath opens its gates on the Jenzig in Jena. Our team of great 3D developers provided the AR content for it. The educational trail for families currently consists of 11 analog and 2 digital stations and meanders up to the top of the Jena mountain. The goal of the path is to lure families and hikers into nature once again. The Augmented and Virtual Reality contents can be accessed via an app, which also originates from our house.

AR dinosaur and 360┬░ panorama

At the moment, two virtual stations are waiting for visitors on the SaurierPfad. At the first station, our app resurrects a Saurian of the Trias, which then moves in life size in front of the discoverer. The smartphone is simply directed at the marker on the ground. The dinosaur is a large lizard, which actually once lived in the Jena area. Evidence for this are petrified footprints, which were found in the sandstone at the foot of the Jenzig. The appearance of our AR dinosaur was based on plastic representations that already existed.

At the second station of the family discovery trail our app invites you on a journey into the ice age. Visitors simply stand at a certain spot and call up a 360┬░ panorama. If they turn on the spot, they see the view as it could have been thousands of years ago during the Ice Age. In the future there will be even more virtual stations. So if you are in Jena once, try it out!

Find more information on the Website.


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