rooom with four successful projects at #JenaVsVirusCamp
rooom with four successful projects at #JenaVsVirusCamp
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rooom with four successful projects at #JenaVsVirusCamp

From 14-18.04 JENA Digital set up its own hackathon for life with Corona in a very short time. As participants of the #WirVSVirus Hackathon of the German government, we and especially our CEO Hans Elstner were an important contact person for this great action.

#JenaVsVirusCamp against corona

The three initiators of the camp were able to convince many people to become part of the community event with very little preparation time. In total about 170 people were involved as organizers, supporters, mentors and of course participants. In five intensive days, which also offered a sports and cultural programme, many innovative ideas were developed, the results of which will still be effective and meaningful after the Corona pandemic. We were official supporters and participants. Hans Elstner also passionately volunteered as a mentor for many participants.

Experience Jenaer culture from home

Museums and exhibitions in Jena are closed due to the current situation. But now would be the perfect time to fill the many hours at home with some culture. With Kultur zu Hause culture at home it is now very easy to visit different institutions in and around Jena ! Cultural instituions can make their offers accessible on the new platform via 360° tours - completely contactless. We are looking forward to many more partners for the future.


We have already reported on the development of the PANDOA Virus Tracking App. During the hackathon, we wanted to create ways to make the app available in the stores and to win partners. For this purpose, successful talks were held with TELEKOM and the EU Parliament, the German Bundestag and the Thuringian Ministry of Economics.

EXPO-X the online exhibition

Many trade fairs and conferences have already been cancelled, but for some it is still open whether they can take place. The EXPO-X addresses this problem. It is a online trade fair that can take place independently of time and place thanks to the latest technology, 3D, virtual and augmented reality. It can be open to everyone 365 days a year. It is scheduled to start on 01.06.2020, it's worth being there!

Casemanagment with Coronicate

The solution for communication between the health authority and residents, which is intended as a web-based platform Coronicate, is intended to make it considerably easier to contact the health authority and to convey recommendations and information. The planned ticket system has been developed and the solution is already operational. Now it is necessary to connect the health authority, test it and develop the idea further. Thanks to the Open Source idea, everyone can easily get involved!

The hackathon is just the beginning

Jena proved once again what an innovative and great digital and creative industry is located here. Hans Elstner, as a local patriot, is also enthusiastic about Jena. All submitted projects meet with great enthusiasm and should now be integrated into the city life as far as possible. The Hackathon was therefore only the beginning.


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