Development of a 3D tour
Rooom360 - the special 3D tour
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Rooom360 - the special 3D tour

Development of a 3D tour

Traditional photos of shops, properties and restaurants are a standard for any well maintained online presence. However, they often do not create the feeling of actually walking through a room. Even 180-degree panoramic shots, as known from smartphones, do not offer the comprehensive solution, as the rooms are not displayed according to the dimensions. But this is a very important point, especially for real estate. With rooom360 we make it possible to create a precise 360 degree tour with integrated 3D model through rooms of any size. This makes it possible to virtually walk through a room and develop a feeling for the space, but the possibilities of rooom360 do not end with the visualization of a room. The views can be provided with useful interactions, such as website links, videos or infographics. In addition, important positions in public buildings can be highlighted, such as the position of a defibrillator.

3D tour through the festive Goethe Galerie

Another advantage of rooom360 is that special highlights can be captured permanently and in 3D and made available to customers. The impressive Christmas illumination of the Jena Goethe Galerie can now be enjoyed at any time of day and any place. The festive scenery can also be viewed and experienced from home. Even from distance the light highlight is easily available in 3D for everyone. Convince yourself and bring the most beautiful Christmas decoration of Jena to your home. Links to other business sites, special announcements or videos of past events can now also be added for the Goethe Galerie and inform visitors .

3D tour of the Goethe Galerie Jena. 

How is a 3D tour created?

During the creation of the photos of the Goethe Galerie, our responsible employee was accompanied and gives an insight into the processes. Essential for the 3D tour are the pictures taken with a special camera. In order for the tour to work flawlessly at the end, many pictures must be taken from different perspectives. The camera is positioned at a starting point. This is the first so-called scan point. This is where the first four shots of three pictures each are taken. These pictures are important to be able to reproduce the scale accordingly. Depending on the size of the room or building, this process is continuously repeated at further points. The camera is positioned in such a way that the images follow on from each other. The technology of the camera makes it possible to reproduce a real room exactly to scale and in 3D. A shop, an apartment or even an entire shopping centre becomes available as an interactive floor plan, and the completed tours can later be viewed on a computer, any smartphone or tablet.

We have already used the interactive floor plan in a wide range of applications from museums to bakeries. If you have any questions, the rooom team will be pleased to advise you.


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