Picture of the German Innovation Award and raindrop journey
rooomBOOKS was awarded with the German Innovation Award 2020!
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rooomBOOKS was awarded with the German Innovation Award 2020!

Picture of the German Innovation Award and raindrop journey

We are happy to be winner of the German Innovation Award 2020!

With rooomBOOKS we made true innovation visible in the category Information Technologies and functional Software. With this award, our platform is gaining a lot of Attention, so that we will be able to bring books and much more to life on our portal with Augmented Reality (AR).

About the German Innovation Award 

Every year, the German Innovation Award honors products and solutions that shape the future and improve everyday life. It is highly regarded across all industries and focuses on the concrete benefits for the user. Only those who have proven themselves before the expert committees and scouts and have been nominated are eligible to participate. Even this passed step was an absolutely valuable award for us. But that's not all: As winner of the G.I.A. we can expect a very high demand in the future!

The innovation: on rooomBOOKS everything can be designed quickly & easily

The jury especially praised the incredibly easy handling of rooomBOOKS and recognised the great benefit of the platform for young and old. With its integrated content management system, rooomBOOKS is an unprecedented innovation for publishers, newspapers and many other print products. Why? Because valuable marketing and creating a vivid reading experience has never been easier. It only needs this one platform and one app. On the platform, books, brochures, newspapers, flyers and business cards can be easily filled with Augmented Reality content. This can be e.g. pictures, graphics, videos or 3D models. Publishers simply create their book, take a photo, set the trigger and upload the content to be published in AR. The free app then makes it possible to scan the projections and discover them in AR. Commercials, ads and web links can be clicked on and called up directly, without long typing. Children's books come to life with impressive moving illustrations.

Rain Droplet's Journey- our 3D children's book

Ever heard of Rain Droplet's Journey? Our 3D children's book, which we launched together with the Knabe Verlag Weimar and the author Iris Gottschlich. Everything revolves around the little raindrops that can't  wait to begin their journey to earth. The exciting story is enriched with 40 lovingly drawn illustrations. Children playfully learn about the climate and the use of new media by bringing the raindrops to life using augmented reality. Simply point the mobile device to the appropriate page and off you go!

rooomBOOKS with its numerous possibilities is a valuable marketing and entertainment tool that takes print media of all kinds to a new level! We are very proud of this. The German Innovation Award has motivated us to further expand the platform to create even more possibilities.

Be curious! :-)


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