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The year 2020 is coming to an end. Shortly before the turn of the year, we have won a lot of awards for our virtual event platform! We are super proud that this year is ending so successfully for us and that we can accelerate the digitalization with our ideas.

The presentation of the much sought-after awards in 2020 looked a little bit different than the awards ceremonies of recent years. A full hall, applause, buffet and discussions - all this is currently not possible or only possible to a limited extent. The focus of individual competitions and awards has also changed. A particularly important factor in the selection process this year, for example, is how the conditions of the Corona crisis are handled and the contribution made to society. We were able to win with our virtual event platform, which enabled numerous companies to present themselves at digital trade fairs and events.

Awarded for an encouraging innovation at the right time

The cancellation of numerous major events this year put a serious crimp in the plans of many companies. It was exactly at this time that we opened the virtual doors of rooomEXPO-X, our platform for digital events. The demand was immense and even the Xtended Space at IFA Berlin 2020 became a hybrid event with rooomEXPO-X.

"Sometimes innovations arise spontaneously to meet a crisis with new solutions."

With these words, the Thuringian Minister of Economic Affairs Wolfgang Tiefensee opened the award ceremony of the Thuringian Innovation Prize 2020 on November 25. The ceremony was broadcasted from Weimar and followed by us in a live stream. In the further course of the evening we received the award in the category "Digital and Media". With our rooomEXPO-X platform we have managed to drive digital progress in Thuringia and have relieved many companies of some of their worries. After all, the most important thing was to be able to continue to exchange ideas and information despite the crisis and to remain present for customers and partners.

For this platform concept with special networking features such as video chats and live streams, we were also awarded the Digital and Open Source Prize Thuringia (DUOSP) 2020 for the category "Products for digital networking". This award rewards creative projects and ideas that make a decisive contribution to digitalization in Thuringia. Our CEO Hans Elstner received the award at the InnoCON on November 24. This year's innovation event naturally took place in a virtual format on our platform with 3D exhibition booths.

The KfW Banking Group did not miss the opportunity to honor our event solution with the KfW Award Gründen 2020 to acknowledge our ideas and our courage. With the recognition as state winner for the federal state of Thuringia, KfW acknowledged the benefits of our virtual event platform, which not only creates solutions in times of crisis, but will also remain a feature that many event organizers no longer want to miss. In the end, it's not about replacing live events, but about using the potential of online events to expand the possibilities of the analogue world. Unfortunately, there will be no award ceremony this year, but an audience award will be made from all the state winners. You can vote for rooom here until December 14 - we are happy about every vote!

In addition to the great appreciation we received for our encouraging innovation in times of crisis, we also received the Digital Champions Award 2020. Being named Best Regional Champion of the region "East" is a very special honor for us. Every year, WirtschaftsWoche works with Deutsche Telekom to find small and medium-sized companies that use new technologies to make their customers' lives easier. Our starting point was to take a look at a wide range of sectors, from art and culture to industry, and consider what innovation they might need in these times to solve their specific problems. And so we were able to contribute to a reduction in the number of returns in e-commerce through the three-dimensional presentation of products in online shops. We also gave companies in the real estate industry an enormous competitive advantage by marketing and managing their properties in 3D. Art, culture and educational offers benefited from 3D visualizations of non-publicly accessible buildings, exhibits and also past temporary exhibitions. Print media no longer had to be accused of not being modern enough, because we brought them to life using augmented reality. We discovered that there are weaknesses in every industry that can be defused with creative solutions. 

Awards bring our work to the public and create new statements in the digital world. Winning all these awards is an incredible motivation booster for us. It proves to us that it is worth accepting new challenges and growing through innovations in times of crisis! 

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