Saurian in Augmented Reality
SaurierPfad Jena - 3D App turns into audio guide
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SaurierPfad Jena - 3D App turns into audio guide

Saurian in Augmented Reality

Have you already seen the SaurierPath in Jena? If not, then it's time to catch up now. You have already been there? It's worth to drop by again, because there are a lot of new things to discover. Both the discovery trail itself and the app have developed quite a bit. There are even more stations and your smartphone now accompanies you along the whole path.

What's new in the dinosaur path App?

Punctually before the ascent the path got a completely reworked app from our developers. Beside a completely new design, the functionality of the app has also been improved. So far the SaurierPfadApp has only helped you to experience the digital stations of the path in 3D. Now the practical helper has become a whole audio guide. Children and hikers without reading glasses can now enjoy themselves to the full.

The new features at a glance:

  • Completely redesigned app design
  • More Discovery Stations
  • Audio Guide with Trixi Trias


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