The new one at rooom
The new one at rooom
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The new one at rooom

Just in time for the beginning of the new year, we welcome a new member to our team: Christian supports our sales department in the acquisition of new customers. As a passionate endurance athlete he has enough ambition to convince the right companies of the ingenious possibilities of our platform. If you cycle 600 km from Fichtelberg to R├╝gen in 24 h, you won't let up in your daily work. A charming peculiarity of our new sales specialist is a pronounced love of order and cleanliness. You should see our office kitchen!

With his professional experience and his likeable manner Christian is a great enrichment for our team. Surely his work will help in the next months to land many interesting projects, about which we will of course keep you up to date. Since good employees are a decisive factor for the success of a start-up, we are very happy that Christian has chosen us.

Welcome to Christian!


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