The SaurierPath will receive more 3D installations
The SaurierPath will receive more 3D installations
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The SaurierPath will receive more 3D installations

It has not been half a year since the dinosaur trail on Jenzig in Jena opened its doors. Since then its two virtual and eight classic discovery stations have attracted countless families and dinosaur fans from a radius of 150 km. In the future there will be 10 3D stations with our AR and VR technology, so that even more explorers will make their way to the top of the mountain.

Sponsor search for the dinosaur path

The use of the dinosaur path is completely free of charge for big and small explorers . The modern techniques Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which thanks to rooom AG and ParadiesFilm have become the trademark of the explorer path, are, however, very elaborate in their development. Therefore the prehistoric creatures are now looking for supporter.

Last week we met together with the Jenaer Stadtforst and ParadiesFilm with potential sponsors for the SaurierPfad Jena. While roasting and walking the first stations we showed some big Jena companies the advantages of a sponsorship for single stations. And we were successful! Some of our planned stations have already found a sponsor. For the implementation of all plans, however, the SaurierPath needs further sponsors.

You know a company that could be a sponsor? Your suggestions are always welcome!


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