Through the Advent season with rooom

our interactive 3D Advent calendar in comfortably furnished Christmas rooms

Outside it is getting colder and colder, the first candle is burning on the Advent wreath and Christmas is approaching. We would like to shorten the time until Christmas and have the right solution for you: an interactive 3D Advent calendar in a cosy living room. Since 1 December you can discover exciting and creative ideas for the Advent season and Christmas and try them out for yourself. Behind the numbered Christmas baubles there are different contents for you every day. From recipe ideas and company highlights to poems and craft instructions, everything is there for you. To open the doors, simply click on the ball of the day. As you walk around the tree, you'll also find the rest of the door balls.

rooom in Christmas fever

In our cosy living room you can not only browse through our Advent calendar, but also experience new Christmas contents in 3D. A festively decorated virtual Christmas tree is already in our 3D Christmas room. The Christmas tree balls carry half our rooom turquoise and half the red of the e-Networkers, with whom we share not only the Advent calendar but also the office. Around the Christmas tree there are colourfully wrapped presents and a large fireplace decorates the back wall of the room. When the snow is late, look out of the window and discover our beautiful winter landscape. We have used the numerous possibilities of our 3D online platform to design the room for Christmas. Be curious which Christmas elements we still have in stock for you to shorten the time until Christmas with 3D and Augmented Reality content. So there is only one thing left to say: We wish you a contemplative Advent season, have fun opening the doors, trying out the different ideas and discovering the room!