We present the rooom experienceCloud
We present the rooom experienceCloud
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We present the rooom experienceCloud

On September 16, 2021 we launched the experienceCloud to the global market in a special XR keynote!

With our all-in-one platform we are able to unify all marketing and visualization needs of multiple industries across a diverse range of use cases. With four different components, anyone can become a digital producer - everywhere and at any time. 

  • eventCloud: platform for virtual & hybrid events
  • spaceCloud: interactive 3D spaces (e.g. for real estates, properties, museums)
  • productCloud: 3D product visualization (e.g. for online shops)
  • immerseCloud: Augmented Reality content, e.g. for tourism, culture, print media & digital learning

We are proud that the keynote went so successfully and that we received such great feedback from the attendees! Many and also well-known magazines have reported about it worldwide - take a look at our press area!

Watch a summary of the keynote: 


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