What's new on rooom?
What's new on rooom?
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What's new on rooom?

Have you noticed? Meanwhile you are in good company on Almost 20,000 users from all over the world are already romping around on our 3D & VR portal. Your best friend is not there yet? Then it's time for you to invite him, because some new features are waiting for you. In the last months we have put together and published many small update packages. Surely you already noticed some of them. If not, read on and find out what's new on our 3D platform!

  • Many new products such as sofas and cupboards but also a coffee machine and a motorcycle
  • Clear Improved charging time
  • Many revised inventory furniture
  • Own images are now usable like Amazon objects
  • Many Demo rooms for exploring
  • Improved graphics

By designing your 3D rooms almost limitless

You may have noticed: There's a new function called "my objects" in the top line of your object catalog right next to the Amazon button. Here you can upload your own pictures. But not to hang them as a picture on the wall. Instead you cut out the object on the picture just like the objects from the Amazon catalog. You want your cat to move into your virtual living room? No problem! Or would you like to put the antique vase you inherited from grandma next to your bed? Now it is possible. Try it out and make your rooms even more individual.

Enjoy the improved user experience

What should not be missing in any update message are the general improvements. These can't be seen at first glance, but they are still clearly noticeable. This time we can tell you about a significantly improved loading time. In addition, we have overhauled some of our existing furniture, so that it fits perfectly into your beautiful new rooms.

You want the best possible graphics? Have a look at the settings section. There you can choose under "Quality" that you don't want to accept any restrictions in the graphic display. However, you should only check this box if your mobile device is really powerful. Otherwise, our portal now also offers a really ingenious graphic in "normal mode".

There's a lot to discover!

Now that there are more users, both private and business, there is more to discover on rooom. Have you seen all our demo rooms? For example we have prepared a small art exhibition for you.

Look around and enjoy the innovations! Do you have further suggestions and wishes? We are looking forward to your feedback!


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