With rooom now real people in a 3D environment possible

Presentation of the 3D space at the management conference of WBS

On November 14th rooom was on a mission in Fulda. At the leadership conference of the WBS-Training the demo version of a 3D-room for further education was presented. Participants can now see their course instructors in a three-dimensional view. The image of real person in a 3D environment appears more personal. The exact 3D scan makes imaginary animations needless. In the future also the mediation of animated learning contents will be possible. The demo of the web-based room can be easily accessed and viewed by course participants. This can be done from all end devices. Later the courses can also be conducted without installing any software. 3D elements such as images, videos and brochures can be integrated into the environment as interactions. Interactions can also be tested in the demo version. In the room a video of the WBS training is played and on one of the tables there is a brochure which can be browsed through (brochure in German). Have a look and convince yourselves: 

New partner for the "SaurierPfad"

WBS-Training also became aware of the success of our "SaurierPfad" and could be won as a new cooperation partner for it. Therefore our saurian were presented in Fulda during the conference. We are very pleased to receive further support.