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Experience products online in 3D - that is rooom. As an online retailer, we offer you a 3D Product Viewer with which you can integrate individual products or your entire product range into your shop system in 3D - in high quality, without increasing loading time. Alternatively, you can let your customers design variable articles themselves with our 3D Configurator. It does not matter whether you already have 3D data of your products or not. Benefit from an enormous marketing effect, satisfied customers, decreasing return rates and a clear differentiation from competitors.

3D product presentation with rooom

Rooom offers you the possibility to visualize your products with the help of 3D representations, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Give your buyers the chance to see your products from all sides. Make it possible to project desired objects from the online shop with just one click close at hand - via tablet or smartphone. Or share your 3D model on social media channels or via e-mail. There are almost no limits to your possibilities.

Choose your 3D package

For the realization of your 3D dreams, rooom offers you several packages with monthly subscriptions. Each package gives you the right to present yourself and your product range to a different extent in our virtual 3D Space Viewer. Starting with the business package, you can also use our 3D Product Viewer to integrate 3D models into your shop. Do you need something more? Then you can also use our 3D Configurator or ask us for a custom-made solution.

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