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Enhance your online store with lifelike 3D visualizations using rooomProducts.

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Establish a memorizable user experiences

Support your buyer's decision-making process with an amazing digital experience and increase your revenue. How? Awaken your products as 3D digital twins. Let the them come to life as exact replicas of their real-life sibling.

Employ 3D products in your store

Create 3D models of nearly everything, integrate them in your online store or website and your customers can project your products via Augmented Reality (AR) into their living rooms. This works on every device, is web-based and managable for you in a CMS: rooomProducts. It empowers you to create and manage your 3D models by yourself. Let us show you how it works - just book a non-binding demo.

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3D digital twins for e-commerce

Developed for e-commerce & marketing

For mobile & desktop browsers

Presentation anywhere & anytime

Present your products in 3D & boost your sales

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Explore selected examples of 3D digital twins

PUKY Children's Bicycle

PUKY, the well-known German manufacturer of children's bicycles, was looking for a solution for the virtual presentation of new products. By using 3D views with AR function, customers can now get an accurate picture of the size, color and shape of a bicycle and there are fewer mispurchases.

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Prusa Mini

Prusa MINI is an intelligent 3D printer for beginners. With our exploding view in 3D, assembly and ordering spare parts are a child's play.

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Gibson Les Paul

For our customer Thomann we have transferred many instruments as 3D models into the digital world. The Gibson Les Paul, as one of the few real icons among guitars, is one of these models.

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Porsche 911

This Porsche 911 GT3 R in bright turquoise was sponsored by rooom AG and competed in the Grand Turismo Touring Car Cup (GTC) of the German Motorsport Association (DMV). It is also a real eye-catcher as a 3D model.

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Horten Aircraft 5-Seater

Horten Aircraft is the first company in the world to succeed in developing a so-called flying wing aircraft that is available to general aviation. Using the 3D model, customers can get a clear picture of what it looks like when the fuselage of an aircraft merges directly into the wings.

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BMW Touring Machine

The impressive BMW motorcycle can be disassembled into its parts with just one click. Annotations also provide helpful descriptive texts for the highlights, such as an integrated navigation assistant or the ergonomic seat.

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Enhance your marketing with 3D digital twins

rooomProducts is your go-to software for 3D product visualization for websites, online stores, and online showrooms. It is a tool set that empowers you to create, customize, and integrate 3D models of your products. You are just three steps away from working with lifelike 3D models.

Be empowered to build 3D digital twins

Use existing 3D data or create 3D objects yourself

Customize your 3D data

Plugins for common shop systems

1. Create 3D digital twins yourself

Generate 3D digital twins yourself by using photos, videos, or our free 3D scan app. Simply upload product images, which do not have to be professional. Of course you also can work with your existing 3D data.

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2. Customize your 3D data

With the help of our Product Editor you can then customize the appearance of your virtual product - this way you remain flexible at all times. Change the perspective, adjust the lighting conditions or add a background sound - completely without programming knowledge.

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3. Integrate your 3D products in your webshop

Your finished 3D Products will have their own web address and a short embed code so you can use it individually or embed it into your webshhop. We also offer ready-made integrations and plugins for popular e-commerce systems such as Shopware, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. Completely individual solutions are possible as well.

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Benefit from an award-winning platform

Benefits of 3D digital twins

With rooomProducts, you have the chance to present your products online more vividly than ever before. Let your customers experience products from all angles in 3D and bring colors, surface structures and product details to life. 

3D product visualizations boost multiple factors:

  • Improve the quality of your marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance the user experience in your web shop.
  • Help your customers to make better buying decisions.
  • Reduce returns and return costs.
  • Increase revenue by enhancing your sales funnel.

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Key learnings:

  • How and why 3D and AR features can increase conversions
  • Tips for implementing 3D and AR in your online shop
  • How 3D and AR can work in concert to increase customer engagement


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Now is the time to start creating outstanding 3D product visualizations. Amaze your customers by presenting your products als lifelike as possible!

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