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What does smart learning mean?

Smart learning means that digital and analog learning merge. Learners are invited into hybrid learning and working environments that enable active, individual learning experiences instead of passive knowledge transfer. With Smart Learning Metaverse worlds, learners become self-determined actors and experience highly motivating "wow moments" of learning. Spatial-visual representations of the learning content enable fast and sustainable processing and application of the learning content.

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Benefits of Metaverse smart learning


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Learning with wow-effect

Transform traditional, passive knowledge acquisition into an active learning experience.


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Learning by discovering

Enable the spatial-visual localization of abstract learning content and offer active engagement with content.


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Teamwork welcome

Let learners co-create their own Metaverse for Learning and moving forward together.


Collaboration tools



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Clever use of data

Use learning analytics to target learning progress. Use AI-based avatar systems (chat bots, voice assistants) to leverage existing data for individual learning experiences.


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Exciting Metaverse worlds

Technology ecosystems from IoT, XR and AI enable a smooth transition between analog and digital-virtual worlds.


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Self-determined learning

Let learners explore learning worlds and content independently, alone or with others. This enables learning and repetition at your own pace.

Our Metaverse modules for smart learning

Smart learning allows learners to access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This approach promotes self-paced learning, personalized content, and interactive engagement, leading to increased motivation, higher retention, and application of knowledge. Smart learning also enables educators and HR experts to track progress, identify knowledge gaps, and adjust content accordingly, ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of education.

To achieve this opportunities rooom offers five solutions. Use just one or use them all, according to your needs.

Advantages of Virtual Reality for collaboration

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Start teaching smarter

Use the advantages of new technologies and create your own Metaverse for learning. We will show you how it works!

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Features to make learning smarter

We provide a toolset to let you concentrate on learning experience design. Our learning experience platform empowers you to create experiences, not lessons. 3D spaces, avatars and AR technology are enablers for you to leverage your educational ideas and goals. Learning games, streaming features, and video technology for online lessons or on-demand media content complete the platform. Our mission is to give you the best tools possible to let your audience achieve their learning goals as easy and engaging as possible.

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Smart learning environments

We provide scalable templates for hybrid 3D learning spaces you can configure with your own educational content. With rooom, your audience can switch easily between digital and physical learning environments.

Smart learning templates


AI-powered avatars

A customized avatar becomes your identity in the metaverse. Use it to teach, interact and collaborate with other participants or let a virtual character be the teacher. AI-powered avatars can also guide learners through virtual worlds and answer their questions.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that projects virtual content into the real world. AR helps to create tangible, engaging and immersive presentations that make your attendees an active part of the experience.

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Engagement tools

Create experiences, not lessons! Interactive breakout sessions, virtual roundtables, co-creation lounges, gamification and much more will foster your learners’ engagement.

Learning analytics

Our learning experience platform comes with an integrated analytics tool and certification feature. Get insights into the learning progress and use the learnings to reflect and optimize your smart learning journey.

Smart Learning in the Metaverse

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Best Practices

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3D Training Space with Avatar

New Work in 3D Training Spaces

With rooomSpaces, our customers develop revolutionary virtual training concepts that you won't find anywhere else. BMW Group optimized their employee experience through trainings in virtual spaces with guided tours. The virtual training modules increase time efficiency, create long-term added value and inspire young professionals.

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BSH - Virtual Campus

With the BSH Home Appliances Group, another company is taking an important step into the Metaverse. The team has identified potential for innovation and implemented it. The outcome is a learning platform that not only delivers continuing education online but integrates smart solutions. Read the full story to find out how Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturer is using an interactive platform to make lifelong learning accessible to its employees.

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Vodafone - Coaching & Collaboration Platform

Vodafone takes team trainings to a new level. Increasing demands for virtual training in the workplace require innovative solutions that foster learning motivation. The telco group mastered the challenge of creating a fresh format for internal trainings and workshops. With rooomSpaces, a coaching and collaboration platform was created that encourages active participation. An expanded training spectrum ensures enhanced motivation and efficient knowledge transfer among employees.

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House of Digi - Edutainment

This 3D environment provides education around the topics of Internet, media and digitalization for parents and their children. Tour the imaginative rooms of the "House of Digi" and learn more about Internet usage, proper digital conduct and technical terms in the digital universe at various stations. Interactive quizzes, encyclopedias and videos make learning fun. With new podcast episodes every week, there are also even more exciting spaces and interactive content to discover. 

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ZHAW - Smart Learning Island

Students at the ZHAW - IAP (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) were able to experience how diverse educational programmes can be designed for different target groups as part of an interactive course. The virtual learning environment "Smart Learning Island" enables independent training in two teams and can be managed by the teachers themselves using the rooom CMS. Features such as voice chat, avatars and escape games demonstrate how varied and flexible the learning experiences are.

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A platform that scales with you

Our learning experience platform is based on a modular subscription model, which makes it as flexible as your learners’ needs. Simply choose the module(s) that fit the individual smart learning journey you want to create.

  • Use marker-based AR for learning experiences with your 2D and 3D content.
  • Create your own interactive 3D objects for visual demonstrations.
  • Create your own 3D avatar from photos or bring characters to life.
  • Set up your own exhibition-like 3D space for asynchronous learning experiences.
  • Benefit from our best-practice environment for collaborative workshops with up to 25 people.

FAQ: Smart Learning

What is smart learning?

Smart learning is the utilization of advanced technologies in education, such as Augmented Reality, 3D environments or avatars. This makes it possible to deliver knowledge and skills interactively and efficiently.

What are the characteristics of a smart learning environment?

Smart Learning Environments (SLEs) combine the real learning environment seamlessly with virtual worlds. Examples of SLEs include outdoor environments such as a forest clearing or tropical islands. The sound of water, chirping birds or even a crackling campfire can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. But also typical work environments such as offices, production halls or laboratories allow remote learning in a realistic setting.

What content do rooom's smart learning templates offer?

Users follow a recommended learning journey and find workshop elements such as check-ins, introduction rounds, reflection and feedback areas. To unleash creativity, there are boards for content creation, screen sharing for live impulses, structured group activities, and free creative zones with sticky notes. The templates can be customized with content and adapted as required.

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