Masterclass On Demand: Unleash the power of the metaverse

The Metaverse as a Marketing Tool

The Contents of the Masterclass

The Metaverse – the industry’s hottest topic in recent months. Every business can benefit from using the new sales and marketing opportunities it creates. It doesn’t matter if it’s an agency, B2B or B2C. Watch this masterclass and find out from Hans Elstner, CEO of rooom, how to improve brand and customer experiences. He shares insights on how NFTs should be used, how more sustainable work environments can be created, and also shows new ways of digital collaboration through avatars and virtual spaces.

    The Most Important Insights:

    • How use cases for successful marketing in the metaverse can look like
    • What marketeers should be aware of and where potential can be used
    • Which rules apply to marketing in the metaverse
    • Which technologies are promising

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