Masterclass On Demand: The Art of Metaverse Marketing

Strategies for dealing with virtual worlds

The Contents of the Masterclass

This masterclass of Hans Elstner, the CEO of rooom, focuses on the opportunities and challenges of metaverse marketing. He will discuss specifics and how they can be used for your marketing purposes. You will gain insight into topics such as creating exciting virtual experiences for customers, partners or employees. He will also look at ways to effectively target audiences and how you can measure the impact of metaverse marketing campaigns. Let's dive into trends, cases and best practices together. The Masterclass is designed for marketing professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and see metaverse marketing through.

    The Most Important Insights:

    • How to save ressounces through the implementation of a metaverse strategy
    • Use cases along the entire customer journey
    • Why AI can help to create immersive experiences
    • How to reach the target groups of the future


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