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3DIGNITE: 3D eCommerce - Shaping the Online Retail Revolution

Screenshot of Thomas Boehme speaking at the panel

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Our Director Channel & Alliances, Thomas Boehme, participated as a speaker at the 3DIGNITE panel discussion about 3D e-commerce. Together with leading representatives of the online retail industry, like Shopware-CEO Stefan Hamann, he talked about the new potentials that 3D experiences open up for brands and consumers.

One of the key factors to deliver a unique shopping experience in e-commerce stores is merging the real and virtual world. Products can be represented as realistic, true-to-scale, high-quality 3D models. This way, they are viewable in their original state, such as color and texture and from all angles. Additionally, avatars can be used as virtual assistants that offer the perfect opportunity to address customers, evaluate their needs, and increase conversions. This especially helps retailers to explain and promote complex objects. 

To make 3D store integration super easy for our customers, we offer plugins for different shop systems. This way, our 3D Product Viewers can be integrated with particularlyfast loading times and high quality. In addition, 3D products can be easily added, exchanged or edited.