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Auganix: rooom’s eventCloud platform to power this year’s Augmented World Expo for virtual attendees

Our virtual experience platform has been chosen by XR technology event Augmented World Expo (AWE), to provide a unique 24/7/365 3D environment for the benefit of virtual attendees and the worldwide XR community.

“rooom will be featuring a special experience for virtual attendees of the event – the typical virtual event is flat, and many attempts to make it 3D are either clunky or not accessible to a wide audience. The key highlights of the rooom experience for AWE include a welcome hall and access to the main stage with live streaming of the keynotes, a futuristic expo hall with the main sponsors, the AWE Playground hall with snippets of the AR and VR experiences and the Auggie Awards stage with a ceremony showcasing the finalists. I really can’t wait to see the reaction of our virtual attendees to this striking spectacle.”

Ori Inbar, AWE Co-Founder

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