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Forbes: Democratizing The Metaverse: One Vision Of An Accessible Future For AR, VR, Virtual Events, And More

The metaverse has gotten a lot of press lately - Forbes author John Koetsier also addresses this topic in an article after interviewing our CEO Hans Elstner.

In conversation it turned out that we pretty much share the same vision of the metaverse. It is not just an alternate reality that you can access only with VR headsets - it should be available with any device, and at whatever level of immersion you are comfortable with - with or withour using a VR headset. With the rooom experienceCloud, we want realize that: to democratize virtual experiences in the metaverse and make it accessible to anyone.

The metaverse is already all around us, connecting as many different people, businesses, and parts of life as possible.

Hans Elstner, CEO Global | rooom

Want to dive deeper into this topic? Read the full article at and listen to our conversation in the "Tech First" podcast!