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Hans Elstner, CEO & Founder of rooom: $25 Milion raised to power the future of enterprise metaverse

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Our CEO and founder Hans Elstner was featured on the Front Lines podcast. In the interview, he talks about the beginnings of rooom, the numerous learnings as a founder and gives tips and insights.


“I had no chance to find the right solution. So, I thought, okay, Hans, it’s your turn, you have to do that.” - Hans Elstner über die Entstehung von rooom im Front Lines Podcast


The most important insights from the interview:

  • Web-based technologies offer better scalability and easier integration.
  • Companies are willing to invest in advanced technologies, which makes the B2B sector more attractive and lucrative.
  • Presence in the media is important to strengthen the spread of the technology
  • Instead of spreading resources across many countries, focus on a few key markets.
  • Be prepared to adapt your product based on customer feedback and market demand.
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