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Industry of Things: rooom acquires VR-on and 3 Dimension Tech

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Solution for collaborative product design, planning & development integrated

The Munich company VR-on has developed "Stage", a platform for creating real-time VR conferencing solutions. The integration of the tool into our experience platform will enable us to offer our industrial customers an even broader product portfolio in the future. At the same time, new members are joining the rooom family - we are very happy to have our Munich colleagues on board!

Digitize products even more efficiently

In addition, the 3D scanning and 3D printing specialist 3DT is now also becoming part of our company. After years of close cooperation, the tech company 3DT (3 Dimension Tech) is now part of rooom. With the help of the expertise and 3D scan hardware developed by 3DT, it is now easier for our customers to digitize even large quantities of products.