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MDR Aktuell: Signal effect on foreign partners and skilled workers

Watch the clip in the MDR media library (German)

rooom stands for a country in which diversity is welcome and is therefore actively involved in the organization Weltoffenes Thüringen. The political development in Thuringia is viewed with great concern by rooom and Hans Elstner, our company's CEO. In an interview with MDR aktuell, he talks about the result of the European elections. Above all, he sees the danger of the future term of the new EU Parliament in increasing isolation and more single-mindedness. He emphasizes in the interview the alarming signal effect of the result on foreign partners. He believes that the main reasons for the AfD’s electoral success are citizens' longing for stability and simple solutions. Hans Elstner went on to explain that the main problem for such a drastic positioning of large sections of the population was a lack of communication. He believes that the Weltoffenes Thüringen initiative is an important first step in the right direction: more communication and more openness.  

“We need to talk to each other more to make it clear what it would mean if, for example, we no longer had Europe”,explains Hans Elstner in an interview with the MDR.  

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