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Roomle & rooom focus on virtual trade shows

Three "o "s are good, five are better!

Together with our new partner Roomle, market leader in the configuration of digital products, we are working on an extension of our event platform with a 3D product configurator.
Through our collaboration, virtual trade shows can be connected with digital sales to offer product manufacturers and retailers the next dimension of marketing. With our cooperation, it will be possible to map, design and experience products in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) in a high-quality and customized way. Even the variety of not yet produced products can be presented in a high quality. Virtual trade shows are also more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and can be implemented with less effort.

The combination of our all-in-one platform, as well as Roomle's 3D configurator offers the possibility to stay in touch with the customers even in times of crisis and thus raises online trade shows to a new level. 

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