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The Key Point Podcast & Tech First: rooom in the Podcasts!

Our CEO's Hans Elstner and Andrew J. Nash were invited by two different podcasts to give exciting insights into the vision behind the rooom experienceCloud and our idea of the emerging metaverse.

Tech First: "Metaverse in your pocket? Tech behind world's largest virtual event"

In John Koetsier's podcast, Hans shares his thoughts on digital experiences in the metaverse and how we want to make them accessible to everyone with the rooom experienceCloud. You can find the full interview here - it's worth a listen:


The Key Point Podcast: "rooom: The Next Evolution in Digital Communications?"

We also have our Americas CEO Andrew talking to Colin McMahon from Keypoint Intelligence about the rooom experienceCloud, the metaverse and its impact on companies and business. Andrew also reveals how he came to rooom and what sets our platform apart from other tools.  Listen to the podcast or read the blog by Keypoint Intelligence!